Days 1,2 and 3

Day 1: Drove from Phoenix to San Carlos.

Early morning rain.
We realized that we had water leaking from our jug and needed to make a pit stop.
Was not 100% sure our GPS would work or how the border crossing would go.
Arrived late (almost dark) at RV park and office was closed. Security was able to get us a spot. Austin and I both realize we really don’t know Spanish. We make sausage and mac n cheese which required more cleanup than we realized. Perfect temperature. Walked around RV park and when we came back this little old lady in her towel came up to us (she thought we were European) to say hello and to tell us where the bathrooms were and which showers were the best. She then preceded to tell us that she lives in the trailer with her five cats and is currently stuck in San Carlos due to red tape. We woke up the next morning and made coffee and were planning to hit the road early because we knew we had a long day to Mazatlan. However we enjoyed great conversation with Al and Jan (from Evergreen, CO) and Fred.

Day 2: San Carlos to Mazatlan

We hit the road with about $45 american dollars worth of pesos, which I thought was going to be fine to get us to Mazatlan through the road tolls. I was keeping my eye out for ATM’s, but unlike the U.S. gas stations in mexico rarely have ATM’s. Also during our second gas fill up it was apparent that my visa card was put on hold for fraudulent activity. I could go on about the other stresses we experienced on the road, but the important part is that we made it to Mazatlan – well sort of. Our GPS got a bit turned around and then there was construction on the street that we needed to turn on, but we made it to the RV park and once again the reviews on ioverlander did not fail us. It was quite, reasonably priced and reasonably clean and the best part was blazing fast internet which became crucial the next day. By this point Austin and I felt exhausted and decided that we deserved a meal out. We asked the office at the RV park who recommended “Fat Fish.” He said that it was the cheapest and the best food for the price so we went. Yes, I know, probably not a great decision but we were in the middle of an uber tourist area and the owner turned out to be right. However, I made another critical mistake and assumed that the place took cards, well they didn’t and we didn’t have enough pesos. Austin then went on the hunt for an ATM and was unable to pull money out. While he was gone I realized that I had $10 american dollars left so when he returned I went across the street to a nice hotel who said they could not exchange the money!! I finally found a group of Americans who gave me $200 Pesos for my $10 bill. We paid the check, walked back home and went to bed.

15068896_10155501264353275_1669105227272475097_oDay 3: Mazatlan to Nayarit
Luckily, I had what felt like a great night sleep even though it was pretty humid. We woke up a little later since our drive was not going to be too long. My goal for the morning was to somehow get a hold of the credit card company and release the hold on my account and to find an ATM that would work. Austin figured out that I could use WiFi calling to get a hold of card company and although my call got dropped twice I was able to get them to release the hold. Victory!! Austin then made coffee and I talked him out of making eggs and into a honey peanut butter sandwich. As we were cleaning up, Austin realized something terrible had happened to the fridge. At first we thought it was butter but came to realize that it was an “eggsplosion” (coined by Austin). It was a terrible mess and it was becoming increasingly warm. At this point I’m about to have a serious meltdown myself. Once it was cleaned up, we headed to the ATM. Well guess what, the card was denied. I tried three different times and selected different options and they all failed. We then went back to the RV park, called the credit card company to make sure the hold was lifted. We then went back again and no dice. So we decided before we call again, let’s try to find a bank. We found a lovely ATM a few miles down the road and just like that we were in business again. I can’t stress enough how s
tressful this situation was for me. I felt like I was really letting the team down (team = Leah + Austin + 4runner). I think the the only thing I have done well this trip is planned the routes and the accommodations well.


We took a beautiful drive to Santa Cruz Miramar and ended up in what felt like tropical paradise. The drive felt a lot like France or Northern California. Very lush with vineyards and small towns. It was humid today and there were small burns going around so the air was hazy, but once we arrived we were immediately refreshed by the ocean. We are the only ones at the RV park/Hotel. We played cards, watched the sunset and made a quesadilla. There was a beautiful dog on the premise, an English setter who was friendly and adorable. Tomorrow we begin our journey across Mexico.

Check out our instagram @4runner4adventure for more pictures!

2 thoughts on “Days 1,2 and 3

  1. Baby!! Gosh I read this a million times! I am so proud my love.
    PS. Don’t use ATMs that often – the risk of fraud on your card is high, very high. Even ATMs at banks. If you carry cash make it be mostly coins (let’s attractive than a pack of bills) , get yourself a pre paid Mexican card at a Banamex or something like that or make sure to have very little money on the card you are using.

    I will PM Austin and you a few phone numbers including my dads and an address. If you come across any problems please call those numbers.



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