Robbery Road, Antigua and the Place We Said We Wouldn’t Go

After a couple of glorious days on Lake Atitlán our group of overlanders decided it was time to move on and head to Antigua, however as a group we faced a dilemma.  Do we head back out on the road we came in on that involved over 15 km of sharp switchbacks or do we take the road that’s been marked as a place of danger and otherwise known as “Robbery Road?”We did our homework, organized a six car caravan, and called the local police to arrange an escort.  A special thanks to Luisa for posting this amazing video of our drive on Robbery Road…

Once we made it out of the danger zone we were all famished and happened upon the most glorious truck stop; well, more of a gourmet cheese shop that just happen to sell gasoline as well.  We all ordered paninis and ice cream and bought some pepper jack for later use down the road.  It was heaven.  Thank you Parma!

After a couple more hours in the car, we finally arrived in Antigua.  Although not as large as we originally thought, Antigua was more vibrant, more colonial, more romantic and more fun than we had imagined.  It is a truly a city that everyone can enjoy.

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One of our favorite finds was a free Museum thanks to CFCE Antigua.

Now, on to the place we said we would never go…El Salvador.  If you were to look at our paper map, you would notice that the El Salvador region was purposefully highlighted as a region we said we wouldn’t go because of all of the high crime or so said the media.  We spoke to other overlanders who said we would miss out on amazing country if we didn’t go so we pulled the trigger, had a fairly easy border crossing and were at the beach for sunset and cocktails.  El Salvador was by far one of our favorite places so far and we will share some of our favorite experiences in the next post!


One final note – we finally finished our Audiobook, “The Tresspasser” by Tanya French.  It was a long book, but it kept us entertained especially as we tried to mimic the Irish accents.


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