Picture Portfolio - Lately we have been hanging around the house, mostly due to Covid-19. Its been a few years since we have actually posted anything on our site, which we really didn’t plan on doing. In fact, we kind of left everyone hanging on our Pan-Am trip, which was fully not intentional. We don’t plan to go … More Picture Portfolio
Top 5 Travel Apps - #1 — iOverlander            Our trip would not have been the same without this amazing app.  From established campgrounds to super secret remote wild camp spots this app has it all.  It even includes, up-to-date information on border crossings, vehicle insurance, tourist attractions, vehicle shipping and much more.  BONUS: It works offline … More Top 5 Travel Apps
7 Camping Kitchen Essentials - There are a lot of amazing camping products out there, but below are a few of our favorites.  Some of the products below are fancy and some are practical, but all of them were essential to our trip.  If your looking for a more complete list of our kitchen packing list, check out our new … More 7 Camping Kitchen Essentials
Vacation in Panama - On our first day in Panama we drove over 300 miles, which was pretty insane since we only average 80-100 miles on driving days.  Needless to say we were exhausted and devoured an entire pizza and ended up sleeping at our very first gas station.  At first we were a bit disappointed at the idea … More Vacation in Panama
Pura Vida Costa Rica - Costa Rica is a well known tourist destination because of its beaches, rainforests, volcanoes and the pura vida lifestyle.  Although we were excited to explore Costa Rica, we were probably more excited to meet our friends Sarah and Kendall and have a bit of “normalcy.”  Before we set out to San Jose, we enjoyed our … More Pura Vida Costa Rica
Adventuring in Nicaragua - Volcano Boarding Due to budgetary reasons, we don’t always get to do a lot of tourist activities.  However, when we found out that we could board down an active volcano and camp there for the evening for under $30, we said, “heck yes!”  We opted to go without a guide and hiked up the youngest … More Adventuring in Nicaragua
Tranquilo in Jiquilillo - Our first ten days in Nicaragua were not very well documented by pictures so this post will be relatively short.  When we think back to these days we remember trying to practice the local state of mind… tranquilo.  Thanks to our friend Steve, who was able to secure us a spot at Monty’s Beach Lodge, we were … More Tranquilo in Jiquilillo
El Salvador: Beaches, Volcanoes and Waterfalls - From our last post, you now know that the place we said we would never go was El Salvador.  We arrived in El Salvador two days before the new year and headed directly to the coast, not knowing exactly where we would stop for the night.  We were exhausted from the drive and crossing the … More El Salvador: Beaches, Volcanoes and Waterfalls
Robbery Road, Antigua and the Place We Said We Wouldn’t Go - After a couple of glorious days on Lake Atitlán our group of overlanders decided it was time to move on and head to Antigua, however as a group we faced a dilemma.  Do we head back out on the road we came in on that involved over 15 km of sharp switchbacks or do we … More Robbery Road, Antigua and the Place We Said We Wouldn’t Go
Christmas in Guatamala - It was December 20, and we were sitting in Chetumal, Mexico preparing to cross the border into Belize.  We were not totally sure what we would be doing for Christmas and homesickness started to kick in.  We just spent the last two weeks enjoying the glorious Caribbean, but we were itching to get back into … More Christmas in Guatamala